Promotional banner and logo for office event ‘Proef de toekomst’

impressie van een logo voor het office-event Proef de toekomst, waar medewerkers konden proeven aan het kantoor van de toekomst

Poster for theatre performance ‘Elmina’

impression of a design for a poster for a theatre performace called Elmina

Board game for internal communication for Douwe Egberts

A detail of the game board of a board game for internal communication for coffee company Douwe Egberts

Card game design for bridge club

Flyer for opera performance ‘De Russenoorlog’

impression of a flyer for an opera performace called 'De Russenoorlog'

TomSolar’s sunny brand

Book design for doctors: ‘How doctors can get better’

Book cover for Master’s thesis

Artwork for CD ‘About the Sun & How the Seasons Change’