The world can be prettier

Getting your message noticed

You have a message, and you want it to be seen and heard. Bakabaka is a graphic designer helping you do just that.

You like beautiful designs. Pretty images make you feel good, and make you trust, respect, and be patient with the message they contain. This way, that message reaches you—it makes you feel.

Bakabaka Designs your message, to draw and retain attention, and to make people feel. Logo, branding, print, diagram, poster, infographic, you name it.

Do you want your message to attract attention and relay confidence? Let me help you.



Course or workshop

Do you want to make your own world prettier? Then I can help you as well. In an accessible and informal course or workshop you’ll learn effective design tricks and tools. You can learn to work in Adobe Creative Cloud, or pick up fundamental truths and tips not attached to any software. Private teaching or in a group, online or off.

I have ample experience in using design in a scientific setting. So if you’re a scientist, count on tips that are primed to your situation. Any starting level is good.



Graphic designer in Utrecht

You’ll need attention more often than you think. You want your message to be heard. Seen. Felt. Bakabaka helps you achieve that. With a logo, or a flyer that embodies your values and strengths, and that simply fits you and your company. With a business card that shines. An intriguing infographic. Designs that catch the eye and bring people to you.

Bakabaka Design is a graphic designer in Utrecht, who emphasises the personal aspects of your subject. Your message, your personality and feel are present in the designs I create.


Personal messages

Birth? Wedding? Farewell? Those are things you want to tell the world about, but you want it to look good. With some style. It’s these special moments in life that you want a special announcement that embodies your emotions. I create designs that channel your excitement, sadness, and respect. With your personality and voice.