Who is Bakabaka?

Bakabaka Design is me, Vincent van der Vliet. Open, social, bold, and focused on details. I commit to taking your message and turning it into a logo, brand, or print that fits you and your audience. I do so with a sense of humour and an open, inquisitive mind. My advice is bold and direct, on request or unprompted.

I love a consistent brand. Combining colour, typography, and other elements to create a consistent image. My style is slightly daring, but professional. I tend towards calm and playful designs.

Do you want to do design or illustration yourself? Let me teach you. During a course or workshop, I’ll explain you all the ins and outs to draw attention with your work. In a group, or one on one. I’ve been teaching design for fifteen years

Are you a scientist? That makes two of us: I have a Masters degree in Chemistry. That makes me analytical, but mainly makes me able to relate to your situation well.

When I’m not working, I tend to make digital art (have a look at the uncommissioned work category or at my Instagram). I play video, board, and card games, I listen to synthpop, and I love character-driven stories.