Workshop Data Presentation for Scientists

Your results look awesome, this may be a breakthrough! This is going to be a publication, possibly multiple. But… is that graph legible? Does that diagram tell a clear story? Does the result come across? ‘Data Presentation for Scientists’ answers all of those questions.

In two hours, you’ll learn to apply the basics of typography, colour theory, and composition, to your plots, diagrams, and graphical abstracts. The workshop focuses on scientists, but you don’t need an M.Sc. to attend and understand! Available both offline and on, in English or Dutch.

Make your figures clear and accessible. Your results will shine for it.


Tailored for you

We will work on your images, and improve upon those during the workshop. Immediate results! You will also get tips on working with colour, typography and composition. We will not be focusing on any kind of software. All tips are fit to apply in the graph builder you are already working with.

This workshop focuses on you and your work in science. You’ll be occupied for an hour and a half, maybe two, in a relaxed and informal setting. Choose between an online workshop, or one in real life.


All about Data Presentation for Scientists

  • for scientists, PhD students, or Master students
  • workshop lasts for 90 to 150 minutes
  • no prior knowledge needed
  • software-independent
  • choose for offline or online workshop
  • group sizes from one person all the way to 50 or more
  • you’ll receive the presentation slides as a .pdf afterwards as a reference
  • no other materials needed
  • in English or Dutch


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    Header image by Jason Coudriet on Unsplash