Digital magazine design for MendriX

Receiving compliments on your work feels good. But getting asked to do more of it ensures the compliments were sincere! Sjoukje was very happy with the digital whitepaper I made for MendriX. She asked me whether I could rework the lay-out into a digital magazine design. Of course.

An entire e-magazine is a bit of a bigger project than a six-page whitepaper. After editing, Sjoukje sent me a Word file no shorter than 15 pages, filled with copy. That’s… a lot.

Sjoukje and I were both very happy with how the whitepaper turned out. The challenge was to crate enough variations on its lay-out to fill an entire magazine, with lots of copy.



Undull that copy!

It was important to prevent all text to look like a dull wall of letters. We found multiple ways to ‘undull’ the copy. Many of MendriX’s clients supplied images to accompany their testimonials. We found the right stock images to round them out.

For direct quotes, I created a ‘quote’ icon, derived from the arrow forward that had been such a success in the whitepaper.


Remote communication

All of this happened during a weird and busy time, especially for logistics: 2020, the height of the coronavirus pandemic. That meant that all communication was remote. It also meant that most of MendriX’s customers were extremely busy. Writing a testimonial or send a few pictures, honestly, could wait. I didn’t blame them.

The magazine ended up being a whopping 34 pages. It’s chock full of information on the MendriX services, and recommendations of their biggest clients.


Need an e-zine for your promotion?

Even if you have a lot of copy about your company, a digital magazine design is a great way to get your message across. I’d love to help you create one. Tell me how much copy you have, and I’ll start making room.

If you want to get some more inspiration, have a look at some other pieces in my portfolio. Check out my branding work, e-books or the ‘promotion‘ catergory. You’ll find something you like.

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