Pixel Tarot

This uncommissioned project is a set of Major Arcana tarot cards in pixel art. The Major Arcana are the first 22 cards of the tarot card set. In order, starting at 0 and all the way through XXI, they describe the monomyth: a very common structure for a hero story. You’ll find the monomyth structure in movies, books, series, and more. Examples are Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Alice in Wonderland, and Homer’s Odyssey.

Every card is a phase in the main character’s journey. Or a phase in a trial or adventure.

Restrictions breed creativity

Pixel art is retro digital art. It references the eighties and nineties, back when digital art was very simplistic because computers were not very advanced. Limited colour palettes, limited resolution. This art form fascincates me because of its limitations. Restrictions breed creativity!

In this set of tarots, I stick to a single palette of twelve colours, sometimes not using all of them. All cards are 70 by 120 pixels in size.



Prints are available! Reach out if you want one of your favourites on your wall!