Logo for theatre association M.A. Intorno

Theatre, opera, and music. That’s what makes M.A. Intorno go ’round. Often, the theatre serves a social and societal function. A few years ago, Intorno merged with an association for stage play. This prompted a review of their branding. They asked me to design a new logo for the theatre association.

‘Intorno’ is Italian for ‘around’, referring directly to opera: the word pops up in a lot of arias in the original Italian. It also references the function Intorno aims to fulfil in the city: part of the community, people participating and being around each other. Oh, I forgot to tell you that Intorno has their home base on an old freighter ship in Rotterdam’s Schiehaven harbour.



Making waves

All of these elements are contained in the logo. It’s round, resembling a circular water ripple at first glance. These ripples, or waves, represent the emotional and social impact a nice art piece can have. Making waves.

Music—or rather, sound—are also waves. Hence the ‘growing’ set of the association’s name. The lower part of the logo is modelled after the spectator seating in a classic amphitheatre.

The ‘half’ version of the logo is reminiscent of a hand fan, referring back to opera again.



I made more than one version for the logo. The logo for a theatre association needs flexibility. It should work on a poster, a flyer, a website, or an announcement. The ’empty ring’ version is great for this. This version can have a single word in the ring, for example to indicate the theatre genre Intorno is producing at the moment.



The logo is red by default, in a few tints of the same hue. But if the Intorno people want to, the logo can be adapted to any colour. I designed it to not be dependent on the red. For maximum flexibility, I also made a black version, and a white one for on darker backgrounds.

The white version ended up in a recent poster design I did for one of their productions.


Should your logo be flexible as well?

If I design you a logo, I adapt it to your desired application. Big, small, one colour, or multiple. Tell me what you need. Or have a look at a few other logos I designed, and tell me which one makes the most waves for you.