Logo for Pils, Praatjes, Plaatjes

Sometimes it takes weeks or even months to design a logo. Sometimes inspiration strikes and it takes just fifteen minutes. This one was of the latter kind.

I created this logo for a networking event where beer (‘pils’) and the playing of records (‘plaatjes’) tend to lead to conversations (‘praatjes’). Very informal. The brief I got was very short, but I got the idea for the concept within a few minutes. A few Illustrator tricks and some polishing later, and there it was.

The name translates to ‘beers, records, conversations’, which nicely alliterates in Dutch. All three these elements are in the logo: the bottle cap, the vinyl record, and the speech balloon. All in black and white to refer to the vinyl, and for simplicity. I’m proud.

Do you want a logo like this? I can’t promise I’ll be as fast for this one, but get in touch, and I’ll see what I can do!