Logo for a forest farming advisor

Are you concerned about the environment? And are you interested in urban forest farming? Then Mirjam Vonk can help you. She counsels and coaches independent urban forest farmers, especially about finance, law, and rules. The company is called ‘Dragon Silva’, Latin for ‘dragon forest’. I designed a logo for this forest farming advisor.



The soil is a very important part for any farming, so for forest farming as well. Everything comes from and ultimately returns to the soil.

We started out with logo concepts emphasising that circularity. One idea I loved was an ourobouros: the symbol of a dragon eating its own tail.


Keep it simple, stupid

But designing a beautiful dragon is… hard! Dragons are creatures with lots of details. And Mirjam’s logo wanted to be simple and mostly devoid of frills. Keeping things simple is often a good decision in logo design.

I created the concept with the forks very late in the design process. We were almost deciding to go with another logo, when I found this. Mirjam loved it, so this became the final logo!

Each of the colours in this logo has a meaning. Green is for nature and sustainability. Purple symbolises wisdom and elegance, and it happens to be a colour that Mirjam tends to wear. Brown is not used in logos very often, but here I love it. It represents earth and soil. Ideal colour for a logo for a forest farming advisor!


Multiple versions

I made two versions of this logo for Mirjam to use. One is the full logo, the other omits the text. This allows Mirjam the freedom to use the kind of logo a situation calls for. I even gave her a separate version of just the ‘soil’, the wave shapes below the tree. Basically the start of a brand design.


Would you like an appealing logo?

Does your company or organisation need a logo that is both simple and memorable? Let me know. Tell me what you want, and what you don’t want. I’d love to help you.

Have a look at the other logos I made. You’re sure to find something inspiring among them.

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