Lay-outing a scientific document with Adobe InDesign

Create your poster, article or thesis yourself with this Adobe InDesign course. Starting at the very basics, I’ll guide you through the software in an open and hands-on way. You don’t need any prior knowledge, complete beginners are more than welcome! You’ll learn how to lay out pages, making text accessible, and how to create page templates to speed up work on longer documents. The results you create can go to both print and online.

During the sessions, you will learn to work in Adobe InDesign. In a casual and easy flow, you will master all the tools necessary to lift your publication beyond the restrictions of Word, PowerPoint and LaTeX.

It’s not just practice. You will learn about typography, colour and composition, and how to use those elements effectively in your work. How to draw and retain attention, how to focus on your figure’s central message. Get your point across in a concise and professional way.

This course focuses on scientists and scientific students. That is not an indication of a formal atmosphere: I try to create an open and relaxed environment. Input is always welcome! Do bring a case: text and images for an article, poster or your thesis. This will be the material you’ll work on during the course!

I offer this course both offline and online.

Quick information

  • for scientists, Ph.D. students or Master students in (exact) science
  • four sessions of 2.5 hours each, with a break halfway; one session per week
  • assignments to practice with between the different sessions
  • you’ll be occupied for some 16 to 24 hours in total, including the assignments
  • no prior skills needed, if you know how to handle your computer, you’re set
  • online: individual, or in a group of up to twelve participants
  • offline (on location): groups between four an twelve participants
  • bring a laptop with Adobe InDesign installed
  • after each session, you’ll receive a .pdf with the session’s slides and a summary of the practical subjects
  • no other materials needed
  • available in English or Dutch

I regularly teach this course (in English) at the PhD Course Centre of the Graduate School of Life Sciences, part of UMC Utrecht and Universiteit Utrecht. If you’re a Ph.D. student at GSLS, do check whether you’re eligible to follow this course through the PhDCC!