30 juni 2017

Hexagon Project: that’s all folks!

It’s done! After 366 episodes, the Hexagon Project is complete. The what now, you ask? Let me show you.

A hex a day…

Almost two years ago, I decided that I should do some non-commissioned work on a regular basis. That is, unpaid work that I do for enjoyment and learning—not for a customer. I call free work doodling and I think doodling is extremely important to regularly pick up new skills and ideas. To let the creative juices flow.

Being stuck in a creative rut, I decided to force myself to create an illustration that I would change every day, just a little. 366 sounded like a nice number to try and achieve. A frame for every day in a leap year.

I started out with a single purple hexagon with the number ‘001’ inside. I had no idea where this would go, I just saw a rock lie on the top of a hill, called it ‘Hexagon Project, and gave it a kick. I never knew hexagons rolled off hills that well.

…keeps boredom away

To connect with my followers, I posted every frame on my social media. And that turned out to be a great idea. With their feedback, ideas and comments, the Hexagon Project changed and grew. I started introducing little trivia about the current number in the image’s description. Sometimes the center hex displayed a relevant image, or the typeface changed to reflect the trivium.

So if you were a Hexagon Project follower, you’d know that Penelope had #108 suitors, that TAKI #183 was an influential graffiti artist, and that there are #281 episodes of Derrick.

The sweetest times were when I’d include a trivium about a celebrity, band or tv series, and those people would actually take notice. I have seldom been so proud as when Mrs. Martina Navratilova hit ‘retweet’ on #177.

The project has taken unexpected turns, even for me. Some things were meticulously planned out, like the different rotations and the appearance of the bee in #056#066. Others were surprises, like how the concentric circle pattern turned out (lower right on #138#243, and by then it’s the bottom).

Is there life after the Hexagon Project?

Recently, I posted the last frame. Maybe not surprisingly, this one is identical to the first: a solid purple hex. What’s next? I’m not sure yet, but keep an eye on my social media feeds and you might see something.

Lots of thanks to all followers for their likes, feedback and trivia ideas!